Founded in Bali by Sundar, an experienced practitioner of the healing arts based on the power of crystals. He developed a unique technology of infusing natural water from a volcanic spring with the energy of crystals and planets, further enhanced by the aromatherapeutic properties of pure essential oils. BALIPURA offers a veritable feast for the soul.

The brand started out as the vision of one person, and has evolved into an inspiring company of mostly women who produce handmade, single batches of each essence with complete integrity. BALIPURA is steadfast in its commitment to fair wages and working conditions and ethical business practices. In addition, it does not test on animals and produces in an environmentally friendly manner while managing waste.

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Balm Wears is a slow fashion brand based in Bali. The company is inspired by vintage style, creating beautiful, durable clothes that bring joy not only to those who wear them, but also to those who create them. Each collection is produced in small batches or to order, and leftover materials are used to create accessories to reduce waste. All products are handmade by small manufacturers located on the island, selecting and supporting mainly “smaller players.” In addition, Balm Wears products are packaged in reusable bags made of raw cotton to reduce the use of harmful plastics, and with every purchase a tree is planted in Indonesia in partnership with the One Tree Planted organization.

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As the name suggests, the company originated in Indonesia and is created by its people. Although it’s hard to believe, INDOSOLE transforms used tires into functional shoes, standing in opposition to burning trash, which we know harms health and the environment. Amazing, huh? The brand is based on the new SETT production method, which means no waste or by-products. INDOSOLE footwear is extremely comfortable, yet stylish, offering a wide range of colors, for eco-freaks who pay attention to their own style. The design of the shoes is so aesthetically pleasing that you can both sit at home in them and head out on the town with friends. The brand dedicates its products to those who believe in the message “less is more” and want to combine fashion with conscious consumption.

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We are not indifferent to the reality around us, which is why we have partnered with the OCHIS brand – a Ukrainian company creating the world’s first coffee glasses. It sounds like sheer madness, yet they are sustainably produced and look insane. The frames are handmade from coffee waste, and the whole thing is biodegradable, sustainable and plastic-free. The tinted lenses reflect glare, protect your eyes from the sun and provide comfort.OCHIS i frames are in line with current trends, combining timeless class with a pinch of funky vibe. By purchasing OCHIS brand products, you are supporting the activities of the COME BACK ALIVE foundation (1% from sales is donated to the above-mentioned foundation).

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OstAura is a union between the past and the present. Her story begins in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, home of the amazing Amazigh and Berber women. They use ancestral weaving techniques to create ethnic, handmade fabrics, delivered to your hands by true color lovers. Like a handicraft, each product is handmade, unique and beautifully imperfect – that’s what OstAura is. Be your own legend.

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Unione Berlin

A brand of cosmetics and vegan cosmetics that are handmade from natural ingredients – say goodbye to long lists of components whose names you can’t pronounce! UNIONE BERLIN aims to reduce waste and eliminate overconsumption by promoting a sustainable lifestyle. The products are made in small batches, so they are always fresh and (most importantly) not tested on animals! They are constantly improving their manufacturing processes and looking for new and innovative ways to make the best vegan products for your skin, hair and home. You will find lotions to moisturize your skin and body candles to spice up your senses. With them, you’ll throw in relaxation mode and forget about your daily dilemmas.

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