About Us

The Bajzel Collective is a brand that brings together responsible and ethical brands from around the world. The products are created thanks to local artisans and artists who inspire us every step of the way and uphold the values of respect for Mother Earth. All of the brands represented by Bajzel Collective emphasize ethical production and care for the environment, which is the foundation of how our company operates. Although the products are made in different parts of the world, their creation process shares the same values – ethics and awareness. Our company has exclusive rights to sell these products in Poland.

The Bajzel Collective is to create a reality in which we live consciously and respect the world around us. Find balance in chaos with BAJZEL.

About Aga

Hello! I’m Aga, founder of the Bajzel Collective. I live in harmony with nature and try to deepen my knowledge of it every day. He wants to share it with you. Through education, I want to show that with a conscious lifestyle, recycling and respect for nature, you can live differently. For me, the Bajzel Collective is another journey, a school, a project through which I constantly experience novelty. I meet amazing people from whom I am constantly learning, observing what they create and how they create. We live in days where time passes inexorably and life moves too fast, so it is very important to take care of ourselves, our communities, the Earth and everything around us.

Find balance in chaos.